KLEIBERIT 706.1.50 ME - Brilliant Prospects for Ship and Home Furnishings

With our low-emission hotmelt, high gloss furniture panels of the highest quality can be produced at high-speed.

In the industrial production of high-gloss surfaces, the decorative film must be bonded to the substrate in such a way, that a mirror-smooth surface is created. Even the slightest irregularities impair the high-gloss effect and thus the surface quality.

The adhesive and its processing play a key role in achieving a permanent, high-gloss effect. The bond between the decorative film and panel must resist daily demands over the long term while always maintaining the required surface smoothness. Even the constant influence of heat, cold, water or steam must not affect the bond in any way. The wide variety of decorative films and panels as well as cost efficient production processes also present the adhesive requirements with a challenge.

With KLEIBERIT 706.1.50 ME, we offer a reactive PUR Hotmelt with fast strength build up. This ensures very short cycle times in production. Furthermore, samples show that lamination with KLEIBERIT 706.1.50 ME reach the highest possible classification (Quality Class 5 according to DIN EN 17214 – “visual evaluation of furniture surfaces”). Due to the low content of monomeric isocyanate (< 0.1 %), KLEIBERIT 706.1.50 ME is exempt from the labeling requirement with P and H phrases. KLEIBERIT 706.1.50 ME has an IMO certificate. Therefore, the hotmelt meets the strict requirements that apply for use in ship and boat building. Due to its excellent adhesion to a wide range of materials, KLEIBERIT 706.1.50 ME is a cutting edge, top performer for high gloss lamination.

Would you like to optimize your laminating process? Our experts have decades of experience in high gloss lamination. Together we will analyze and optimize your production process and find a customized solution!

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