Reactive PUR Hotmelt for Textile Lamination in Micro Emission (ME) Quality

Functional clothing or technical textiles are usually intended for very demanding purposes. They consist of a 2-3 layer textile composite whose layers are bonded together. The wide variety of material available for each individual layer enables the production of textile composites with ideal properties for the end product. The adhesive and its properties play an equally important role.

KLEIBERIT 716.8.50 provides a high-strength and resilient bond, as well as excellent processing properties when using engraving rollers. The adhesive compound offers excellent wash resistance, at temperatures up to 95 °C. Due to the low content of monomeric isocyanate (< 0.1 %), KLEIBERIT 716.8.50 ME is exempt from mandatory labeling with P and H phrases.

Would you like to switch to a low-emission PUR hotmelt adhesive?

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