Production of Activated Carbon Filters - Now Possible with Micro Emission PUR Hotmelt

For the industrial production of activated carbon filter media, we are launching KLEIBERIT 713.8.50 ME, a convincing micro emission adhesive.

KLEIBERIT 713.8.50 ME is used to bond the carbon to the filter medium and is applied by spraying. The high initial strength enables fast further processing and ensures short production cycle times. Once the adhesive has cross-linked, a reliable laminated material with excellent properties is achieved:

  • Ideal air permeability
  • Very heat resistant
  • Very cold resistant
  • Water resistant

Due to the low content of monomeric isocyanate (< 0.1 %), KLEIBERIT 713.8.50 ME is exempt from the labeling requirement with P and H phrases.

Would you like to switch to low-emission PUR hotmelt adhesives?

For an effective production process with the most demanding requirements, the right balance of processing equipment as well as the adhesive formulation is crucial. Benefit from our decades of experience in filter production. In close cooperation we will find a tailor-made solution for you! Let us advise you!

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