KLEIBERIT 706.2.50 and KLEIBERIT 716.8.50

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KLEIBERIT 706.2.50 

An all-rounder with good high gloss properties. Due to its wide adhesion spectrum to a wide variety of materials and its extended processing window, it is a real all-rounder. Its comfortable processing window allows a wide range of applications.

  • Very good dosing/application ✔
  • Wide adhesion spectrum ✔
  • Very good in strength build-up ✔
  • Suitable for high gloss decors ✔

KLEIBERIT 716.8.50

The specialist for LVT and plasticised design coverings. Its strengths definitely lie where plasticizer stability is the focus. A must for every design floor covering. Due to its exceptional wetting properties and its excellent adhesion to PVC, it can also be used for difficult foil lamination.

  • Reliable strength build-up ✔
  • Significantly improved plasticizer stability ✔

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A well-functioning laminating process is a close interaction between application technology and adhesive. Our engineers have decades of experience with various adhesive systems, application techniques and machines. Together we will find your customized solution! Let us advise you!

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