Florian Langenmair, Michael Martin, Johannes Bänsch, Florian Meigel

After Work is Before Training

Three months before the world championship are hard for Florian Meigel and Johannes Baensch. In addition to their normal working hours, they spend most of their free time preparing for the 45th Worldskills in Kazan. When their colleagues leave the workshop after an eight hour day and enjoy the evening, the training just begins for these two exceptional talents.  From Monday to Friday, they stay up to six hours in the workshop and train late into the evening to perfect the production of their project pieces. In addition, they both train every Saturday. They also spend most of their annual leave for training. They meet regularly for training at their workplaces. They stay there for a week for intensive training.  They work on their technique until late into the evening and perfect the necessary steps. Free time during this time is scarce.  

Preparation is everything

The biggest difficulty in the competition is time. During the world championship, the extremely challenging handicraft work has to be done in a short amount of time. Every second counts. Organization of tools and each working step have to be repeated and optimized. The work steps also have to be practiced to perfection. There is no time for correcting errors during the championship!

The competition never sleeps

German handicraft is traditionally strong. However, both participants have to compete with strong competitors. Compared to the German national team, other national teams receive particularly strong support. Therefore, these teams have the opportunity for much training. The German national team is not discouraged by this. In addition to exceptional handicraft talent, they have a lot of ambition. Both the trainers and the participants are very confident about the upcoming championship.

KLEIBERIT Adhesives and Glues

Florian Meigel and Johannes Baensch use KLEIBERIT adhesives during their training. Depending on the requirement, a glue with longer or shorter open time is selected.

KLEIBERIT 332.0 is used for gluing cabinets, frame doors or drawers.  The long open time is especially well suited for precise and tight connections with exact angles. If a shorter open time is required, KLEIBERIT 303.0 or KLEIBERIT 303.5 is used. PUR, such as the tried and tested KLEIBERIT 501.0, is also used during training. During the adhesive’s drying phase, subsequent processing is not possible or only to a limited extent. The green strength of the adhesive is a deciding factor. All of this must be considered during the competition. Every step and every pause has to be organized with precise time management. This is the only way to achieve high quality and  sophisticated handicraft work under competitive conditions.KLEIBERIT 851.0 High Tack is also used. It is required for the assembly of working material. Templates, wooden supports or splinter protection wood can be glued to the desired spot in just a few seconds.

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Watch the video below and get impressions from Florian Meigel and Johannes Baensch’s training.