WorldSkills for Carpentry

The Championship

The WorldSkills vocational championship takes place every two years. In 2019, it will take place in the city of Kazan in western Russia. From 22 to 27 August 2019, 56 different vocations with more than 1,600 participants from over 60 countries will compete against each other. All participants have to demonstrate their skills beforehand at a qualifying competition and therefore represent the best from their country. To receive the prestigious medallion, the exceptional talents have to deliver the best results under high pressure.

The German national team consists of Florian Meigel and his trainer, Michael Martin, as well as Johannes Bänsch and his trainer, Florian Langenmair. Participants may not be older than 22.

Florian Meigel (20) and his trainer, Michael Martin, will compete in the category of carpentry. Johannes Bänsch (20) and his trainer, Florian Langenmair, will represent the national team in the category of cabinetry  carpentry. Meigel qualified himself by winning the national carpentry championship in 2017, and Bänsch won the same title in 2018.

The participants have already been preparing for months. They both had to submit three complicated solid wood projects with complex joints beforehand. During the competition, they have to produce one of these pieces with an arbitrary deviation of approx. 30%. The participants have 22 hours which are divided into several stages.

The competition lasts four days and is judged, based on a point system, by a jury. A variety of factors are decisive. For example, efficient planning, creativity, and solving unexpected problems under pressure. In addition, perfect craftsmanship is required – every step must be correct!

KLEIBERIT is the main sponsor of the German national team in the category of carpentry/cabinetry. We support the team with our adhesives and glues and provide trainings focused on bonding.  

Additional information on the training can be found in the next section.

See both participants training for top performance! Here’s the video: