STP Adhesives

Elastic fixing, bonding and assembly on different materials - with innovative STP adhesives

Adhesives based on silane-terminated polymers (STP adhesives) create highly resilient construction joints and have become increasingly popular. The wide range of use and excellent processing properties make this adhesive technology a true all-rounder. STP adhesives are used for a variety of industrial applications as well as for assembly and construction.

  • Excellent adhesion on materials and substrates
  • Possible to bond glass, aluminum and stainless steel without primer
  • Easy to use
  • Can be painted over
  • Very high green strength
  • Permanently elastic
  • Exceptional resistance against weather and UV light
  • Bubble free curing 





STP Adhesives for various applications

STP Adhesives for industrial applications

Industrial users are increasingly relying on the advantages of modern STP technology. STP adhesives are excellent for bonding glass or metal-to-metal (stainless steel). STP adhesives are also frequently used in Bus-Truck-Rail applications. Due to its excellent resistance against weather and UV light, the STP technology is also used for wind turbines.     




STP Adhesives for handicraft applications

STP adhesives are already well-established in many handicraft applications. These adhesives have high adhesive strength for bonding different materials. Typical applications include assembly bonding of flooring, baseboards, decorative elements as well as ventilation and cable ducts. STP adhesives also achieve excellent results in bathroom applications. Everyday items, such as hooks, hangers, or mirrors, can be securely attached to different substrates, like tiles, gypsum or natural stone.

KLEIBERIT 605.1.20

1K STP-Reaktivklebstoff der neuesten Generation

  • Universell einsetzbar
  • fließfähig
  • ermöglicht hochanspruchsvolle D4 Verklebungen.

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