Triple Gold for Reactive PUR Hotmelt Adhesive Systems von KLEIBERIT

Every year, the Polish MTP Group issues awards for high-quality products of all kinds. In the 2019 competition, KLEIBERIT received three of the prestigious gold medals. Three reactive PUR hotmelt adhesive systems were awarded which are used for surface finishing and edge bonding.

Every year about 500 products are submitted to the competition of the international trade fair organizer MTP-Group from Poland to receive an MTP Gold Medal (Zloty Medal). However, these awards are only given to products that meet the strict competition criteria and have been recommended by a jury. The jury is made up of a broad team of outstanding experts from various sectors of the market. The jury attaches particular importance to innovation, technology, functionality, adaptability and efficiency. Furthermore, sustainable criteria such as certain environmental impacts, recycling or energy consumption are decisive. The MTP gold medal thus symbolizes innovation, outstanding product quality and high relevance in the respective market. The award can only be given to products that have been exhibited at an MTP trade fair.

For the DREMA furniture fair, KLEIBERIT submitted three reactive PUR hotmelt adhesive systems. KLEIBERIT 707.6.40, 707.9.40 and 716.8.03 ME. All three were awarded the MTP Gold Medal for their outstanding properties.

KLEIBERIT 707.6.40 – Reactive PUR Hotmelt Adhesive for Edge Banding

KLEIBERIT 707.640 is a reactive PUR hotmelt adhesive with special properties. The hotmelt adhesive used for bonding edge materials ensures that the narrow surfaces of a furniture panel remain permanently closed and this with a glue line that is practically invisible. KLEIBERIT 707.6.40 produces bonds with extreme resistance to heat, cold and steam. With regard to the entire processing chain, this hotmelt adhesive can convince with many advantages.

The PUR hotmelt adhesive remains stable in an open melting tank for at least 24 hours. This means that less cleaning is required, as it allows longer production breaks without hesitation and without the need to clean the melting tank. Thus, the adhesive can remain in the switched-off melting tank even after work, for example, and be used again the next working day after it has been switched on again. This in turn saves labor, energy, cleaning agents and reduces disposal costs to a minimum.




KLEIBERIT 707.9.40 – Reactive PUR Edge Hotmelt Adhesive in Blister Packaging  

KLEIBERIT 707.9.40 is also used for bonding various edge materials. In the small blister package, it is particularly suitable for small and medium-sized craft businesses. In addition to the excellent processing properties of the adhesive, the advantage lies in the packaging, which enables precise dosage. The practical 3 x 32g blister packaging contains a comparatively small amount of adhesive and can be placed directly into the melting tank as required. The small amount enables the edging of only a few boards with high-quality PUR hotmelt adhesives. Furthermore, the blister units are an excellent complement to larger containers. The quantity of adhesive can be increased by adding small quantities in such a way that the production of the quantities can be made much more flexible. The production of adhesive waste can thus be significantly reduced. The adhesive can simply be squeezed out of the packaging, similar to tablet packaging.

KLEIBERIT 716.8.03 ME – Flat Lamination with Reactive PUR  Hotmelt Adhesive in  Micro Emission (ME) Quality

KLEIBERIT 716.8.03 ME is a reactive PUR hotmelt adhesive in Micro Emission (ME) quality. The product is used in the flat lamination process for surface finishing of large-area materials. Applications are furniture and sandwich panels made of various substrates. The product enables excellent adhesive bonding of wood, polystyrene, gypsum, textiles, PVC or elastic plastics. The low application temperature saves energy in the production process.
It is a polyurethane hotmelt adhesive of the latest generation. The product has a very low monomer content of less than 0.1%.  This eliminates the need for hazardous substance labelling. They are therefore labelled in the same way as the long-established EVA and PO hotmelt adhesives. This low-emission adhesive offers users significant advantages with identical performance as standard PUR hotmelt adhesives. Furthermore, the production and processing of the adhesive is more environmentally friendly. The use of ME adhesives therefore brings advantages for people, the environment and the economy.