Adhesives for the Production of Medical Textiles in the Surgical Area

Medical textiles for repeated use

Medical protective clothing that is used several times consists of, among other things, a multi-layer textile composite. The individual layers are glued together. Due to frequent washing at very high temperatures or sterilization, protective clothing is exposed to extreme conditions.

Surgical clothing or surgical drapes, for example, are subject to particularly heavy use. They are cleaned with special, disinfectant detergents. Afterwards they are sterilized with hot steam.

The demands on the adhesive are particularly high for such textile laminations. The adhesive lamination must be able to withstand chemical exposure to the detergent and high temperatures.

This is where reactive PUR hotmelt adhesives from KLEIBERIT are used. They offer the highest resistance and ensure economically efficient production processes, as they can be customized.

Disposable medical textiles

Disposable medical textiles, such as disposable protective sheets for stretchers, are not exposed to chemicals or high temperatures. Cost effective pressure sensitive hotmelt adhesives can be used for these applications.

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